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The Starks walking through the crypt, key lines of dialogue from their parents (well, those who had dialogue — Lyanna, Ned, Catelyn) with torches lighting the way as each step fit each character. Jon, pausing to look at Lyanna, to look behind him, stopping to look at Ned, so many questions on his face.

Sansa, not stopping, not even pausing, but she did turn to look at Catelyn, a quick check for guidance, but sure of where she’s going. And, Arya, as always looking straight ahead, forging her own path. And Bran not even being there sadly makes sense as well. He made it clear last season that he’s no longer Brandon Stark; he’s the Three Eyed Raven now. This was all about the Starks.

And in the middle, the two Stark sisters meeting and then facing their brother — still their brother in all the ways that matter — and together they move forward as a pack. Finally, reaching the end and there they were facing their own demise perhaps in those stone statues. (Although, honestly, the one of Jon did not look like Kit Harrington at all… although maybe that was intentional? He looked a lot older. A clue?!)

But then the fire went out and they turned their backs on those statues to face winter, face their death, face what was coming and fight it. Jon and Arya, with swords drawn, stepping forward, automatically stepping forward, ahead of Sansa to protect their own.

The latest Game of Thrones season 8 reveal tell us about the Starks and Winterfell
it partially confirms that it will be an All-Starks show going forward to the endgame, just like it all started with Starks. Unless we get another one with all Dany , Fire, Dragons boom. It doesn’t mean any of them will become king or queen. The pack joins together and fight the enemies as a Stark family. It includes Jon as well. Another underlying theme is , the monologues from Lyanna, Ned, Catelyn all pertains to Jon’s identity. So his parentage will be the X-factor which hits all the corner right from the current monarch (Cersei), the wannabe monarch (Dany) and the leave us from your shit-hole(The Seven Kingdoms) independent seeking North and all their respective factions. I wont buy the pep-talk to Theon theory that Jon will embrace both houses. Theon was born Greyjoy and he knew it. Jon takes an extreme sense of pride for being a Stark and serving the North. It would be pretty anticlimactic to show him as a Targ after building up for 7 seasons.

The tropical feather Robert Baratheon placed in Lyanna’s tomb hand was picked up by Sansa when she returned to Winterfell with LF. She’ll devise a plan to protect the knowledge of Jon’s parentage. Sansa is not Catelyn. She walks pass Catelyn’s statue. She will love Jon as a Stark. Ned is telling Jon he is a Stark and is the blood of Winterfell just as the rest. Reconfirming what Jon said to Theon. That he doesn’t have to choose but honor Ned the man that raised him. Arya & Jon stood infront of Sansa to protect their queen. I believe they will have to protect and probably rescue Sansa from Cersei. Interesting that Sansa has been featured in all 3 teasers. And the only one that spoke. That is significant. Also significant, is that Jon’s statue is an older version of him. His torched went out right upon gazing at his statue. I believe Jon will survive and live a long life. He is the Prince that was Promised (not Azor Ahai. Melisandre knows nothing). As Alliser Thorne said: “you’ll be fighting their battles forever.” The pack survives

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